Commencing secondary school is a significant milestone in your child’s education. Transition is eagerly anticipated by most students and it is a stimulating and exciting time, however some students find the changes a little daunting.  Our team of Year 7 Coordinators are highly experienced in supporting students through the move from primary to secondary school and are committed to providing a successful and happy transition.

The Transition Program aims to build student connectedness and a sense of belonging in the new environment and extends over many months.

Features of the Transition Process

Prior to Orientation Day in December, all students accepted into the College will be visited in their primary school by a member of the Junior School Coordination team.

An information evening is held in November to provide families with important information regarding students’ transition and starting at secondary school.  

In the week prior to Orientation Day, Small Schools’ Afternoon is held. All students coming from a school where there are two or fewer students commencing at Ringwood, will receive an invitation to attend.  During the session, students will meet other students and participate in some ‘getting to know’ you activities. Parents accompanying their child will have the opportunity to chat with a member of the Junior Coordination team.

Orientation Day in December provides a taste of a day in secondary school. Students will be placed into classes, take a tour of the College, participate in several classes.

The Transition Program begins in earnest at the start of Term 1.

During Term 1 and into Term 2, students will participate in a range of activities and programs designed to build connections across the year level and to the College. Other elements of the program focus on study, organisation and communication skills. 

Activity days involving all students in Year 7 provide further opportunities to meet new friends and have fun.

During February, students will participate in a Wellbeing Day, run by our Student Wellbeing team. The program focuses on building connectedness to the school, study and organisation and communication skills.