International Student Program

Studying in Victoria

Victorian government schools are a destination of choice for international students. Our schools provide international students with a high-quality education, excellent English language tuition, caring welfare support services, secure homestay, and pathways to higher education. To learn more about studying and living in Victoria as an international student, see:

About our school

Ringwood Secondary College is a dynamic, vibrant, and globally engaged school located at the gateway to the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our college has a long and successful tradition of academic excellence and innovative learning practices. Our professional staff provide a safe and secure learning environment, and a full range of engaging and challenging academic and extra-curricular opportunities. This allows students to choose their individual pathways.

To learn more about the types of subjects and supports available for international students, see: Ringwood Secondary College – International Student Profile.

To chat with our school ambassadors, see: chat with Shirley, chat with Becky and chat with Afra.

How to apply

Most international students must apply to the Department of Education in order to study in a Victorian government school. To learn about the application types and to apply, see: How to apply

Contact our school

For more information about international students, please contact the below staff member.

International Student Coordinator (ISC): Shirley Luong

Phone: +613 9870 2002

Email: [email protected]

Generic school email: [email protected]

Ringwood Secondary College is accredited under the Department of Education’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education, 00861K). For more information, see:

International Student Program Information Handbook

Success Story – Quality staff and excellent academic achievement

Ringwood Secondary College is very proud to announce that eight students obtained ATAR scores above 99 and 24 students over 90 in 2021.

“RSC has always been a great platform for students to expresses themselves in different areas. With the capricious lockdowns along with uncertainty and unknown future, the year of 2021 has been full of difficulties for students, teachers and all the incredible support staff that keep RSC alive and thriving. The teachers have been extremely supportive for my peers and I no matter whether it’s for academic study or mental wellbeing. While we’ve been getting accustomed to and adapting quickly with remote learning, Year 12 has been extremely challenging. It has been a great experience for me to study at RSC and met exceptional teachers and fellow students. These memories will help me to embrace any difficulties throughout my journey ahead and life in general.”

2021 International Student and Year 12 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity Prefect, Fanwen Zheng scored 93.75

Of the class of 2020, 28 students achieved an ATAR above 90.

“I’ve received so much support from the school and the teachers. The constant updates of school arrangements remind me that I am not alone, but rather, we are connected in a mutual, helping community and are overcoming the challenges together. I’m so grateful and proud to spend my last year of high school at Ringwood Secondary College with those lovely peers and teachers.”

Dux in 2020, International Student, Mengjia Yu (Afra) scored 99.25.

“Teachers at RSC have provided me with great help in overcoming the language problem and made me adapt to life in Australia more quickly. They also offer help in my learning. When I have questions that I don’t understand, the teachers will explain to me patiently. If I still don’t understand, they will change another way to explain until they confirm that I understand it. Moreover, the environment and atmosphere at school are great, and most students in the school are friendly and enthusiastic. Overall, I am very glad to be a member of Ringwood Secondary College, these three years of school life are very pleasant and memorable.”

2020 International Student, Shumeng Li (Sharon) scored 98.

“As an international student, the teacher in international office provides lots of help to adapt me to the new life abroad. Teachers in RSC are dedicated and kind to help with any questions. I’m very grateful to all the teachers who taught me, they are very active and patient in helping me solve the confusion in learning. Besides, I also made some good friends in RSC. With the help from teachers and the support of friends, I have a very pleasant high school life at RSC.”

2020 International Student, Xinghang Jia (Kiara) scored 95.35.

“I have got lots of guidance from my lovely teachers, they always care me, listen my voice, and promote me to build my self-confidence with their encouragements, patience, and profession. Moreover, if I send any questions to teachers through the Teams or e-mail, they will send the feedback to me as quickly as they can, they are always ready to help students!

In addition, I feel super lucky and excited about studying at the new school building, it’s just like a ‘gift’ for my last year of high school study and it cheers me up somehow.”

2020 International Student, Yao Zhang (Grace) scored 93.85.