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Ringwood Secondary College Overview – Government Co-educational Year 7 to 12 College

A globally aware College, Ringwood Secondary College enjoys a small number of overseas fee-paying students previously and currently from China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Vietnam. Ringwood Secondary College is in the outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne at the gateway to the Yarra Valley.

There are over 1600 students from Years 7 to 12, drawn from more than 50 primary schools including from out of the local area. Enrolments have steadily increased and there is strong demand for entry at all year levels. 

Our primary purpose for welcoming International Students is to contribute to the College’s ethos and culture. The College focuses on students’ sense of belonging and cultural diversity, allowing students to develop a cultural awareness that assists them to be active members of the global society.

The International Student Coordinator ensures to stay on top with the communication between parents and homestay providers. Homestay providers are carefully selected to provide a welcoming environment that is a ‘home away from home’ for our International Students.

International Student Program Information Handbook



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Ringwood Secondary College’s International Student Program

  • Airport Pickup for international students who are living with homestay providers
  • Orientation Program to the school, homestay, and community
  • 24-Hour Emergency Contact for students and parents
  • Individual Language Support
  • After-school Homework Clubs
  • Ongoing Educational, Subject Selection Assistance and Guidance
  • Ongoing Wellbeing Support
  • Ongoing Communication delivered to students, homestay, and parents
  • University Pathways and Careers Counselling
  • Collaborative International Student Support Network – working closely with Middle School Coordinators, Senior School Coordinators and Assistant Principal

Ringwood Secondary College Facilities

  • Auditorium with multi-tiered seating
  • Canteen offering a range of healthy snacks and meals
  • Careers Resource Centre
  • Fully networked computer laboratories
  • Fully resourced library
  • Fully equipped wood/metal workshops
  • Gymnasium
  • Home Economics (Food Technology) Centre
  • International Student Lounge
  • Mod grass tennis courts
  • Nurses station
  • Outdoor area – huge oval and outdoor basketball courts
  • Specialist music rooms and practice rooms
  • Wellbeing Centre
  • Well-equipped Science laboratories
  • VCE Study Centre

Success Story – Quality staff and excellent academic achievement

Ringwood Secondary College is very proud to announce that eight students obtained ATAR scores above 99 and 24 students over 90 in 2021.

“RSC has always been a great platform for students to expresses themselves in different areas. With the capricious lockdowns along with uncertainty and unknown future, the year of 2021 has been full of difficulties for students, teachers and all the incredible support staff that keep RSC alive and thriving. The teachers have been extremely supportive for my peers and I no matter whether it’s for academic study or mental wellbeing. While we’ve been getting accustomed to and adapting quickly with remote learning, Year 12 has been extremely challenging. It has been a great experience for me to study at RSC and met exceptional teachers and fellow students. These memories will help me to embrace any difficulties throughout my journey ahead and life in general.”

2021 International Student and Year 12 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity Prefect, Fanwen Zheng scored 93.75

Of the class of 2020, 28 students achieved an ATAR above 90.

“I’ve received so much support from the school and the teachers. The constant updates of school arrangements remind me that I am not alone, but rather, we are connected in a mutual, helping community and are overcoming the challenges together. I’m so grateful and proud to spend my last year of high school at Ringwood Secondary College with those lovely peers and teachers.”

Dux in 2020, International Student, Mengjia Yu (Afra) scored 99.25.

“Teachers at RSC have provided me with great help in overcoming the language problem and made me adapt to life in Australia more quickly. They also offer help in my learning. When I have questions that I don’t understand, the teachers will explain to me patiently. If I still don’t understand, they will change another way to explain until they confirm that I understand it. Moreover, the environment and atmosphere at school are great, and most students in the school are friendly and enthusiastic. Overall, I am very glad to be a member of Ringwood Secondary College, these three years of school life are very pleasant and memorable.”

2020 International Student, Shumeng Li (Sharon) scored 98.

“As an international student, the teacher in international office provides lots of help to adapt me to the new life abroad. Teachers in RSC are dedicated and kind to help with any questions. I’m very grateful to all the teachers who taught me, they are very active and patient in helping me solve the confusion in learning. Besides, I also made some good friends in RSC. With the help from teachers and the support of friends, I have a very pleasant high school life at RSC.”

2020 International Student, Xinghang Jia (Kiara) scored 95.35.

“I have got lots of guidance from my lovely teachers, they always care me, listen my voice, and promote me to build my self-confidence with their encouragements, patience, and profession. Moreover, if I send any questions to teachers through the Teams or e-mail, they will send the feedback to me as quickly as they can, they are always ready to help students!

In addition, I feel super lucky and excited about studying at the new school building, it’s just like a ‘gift’ for my last year of high school study and it cheers me up somehow.”

2020 International Student, Yao Zhang (Grace) scored 93.85.


The academic requirements for all international students are to have an average of 80% on all subjects and an online interview with the International Student Coordinator. Ringwood Secondary College accepts Year 7 to Year 11 applicants.

All applications can be made online at or through International Education Division (IED) – Department of Education and Training (DET).

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +613 9637 2990

Fax: +613 9637 2184 / +613 9651 4424

For any assistance in the enrolment process, please contact our International Student Coordinator.

International Student Visa

Students who wish to study at Ringwood Secondary College as an oversea full fee-paying student will need an International Student Visa. Students can apply online through the Department of Home Affairs website For more information, please refer to


All students are provided with an enrolment package and International Student Program Handbook prior to arrival in Australia. Students and families are provided with information about the school policies, uniform and textbooks cost and also some essential information about living in Australia. The International Student Coordinator will also contact both the students and families to orally go through the information to make the transition easier and less daunting for the students prior to departure.

Airport Pickup

Students who are required to be picked up from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine Airport), will meet an International Student Program team member at an agreed meeting point and be sent to an allocated homestay provider’s house.

Homestay Providers

The College understands that accommodation and welfare arrangements are vital for the International Students as students are living and studying away from their home countries and may require extra special care and support. Some of our international students prefer staying with local homestay families, allowing them to understand and experience Australian culture and also to improve their English Learning procedures. On the other hand, other international students prefer staying with homestay families with the same cultural background to ease the transition and cultural shock when studying overseas. Ringwood Secondary College chooses only the best suited homestay providers to ensure international students’ welfare and accommodation are carefully looked after. All homestay providers are closely monitored and visited annually to ensure the safety and metal health of our students.

Students and homestay providers are required to sign a Homestay Responsibility Agreement to ensure each party fulfils their responsibilities when living together.

Translated Documents and Ongoing Communication

Students will be provided with translation of all key documents once they have been successfully enrolled into Ringwood Secondary College. All international students will be provided with an Emergency Card that has the International Student Coordinator’s mobile number on it once they started their mainstream classes. Parents, homestay providers and students can access support when required 24 hours a day.

The International Student Coordinator will regularly send out emails in both English Language and Chinese Language to update parents, students, homestay providers with upcoming school events, important updates, study requirement and VCE information. Regular meetings will be conducted for the Sub-school Coordinators, parents, students with the International Student Coordinator to discuss any important matters.

20-week Intensive English Language Program

Students are required to undergo a 20-week Intensive English Language Program before they can enrol into Ringwood Secondary College for their mainstream studies. Students are required to pass all the English Language requirements at the language schools before they can successfully start mainstream studies. Some students can choose to study at a Private English Language Centre such as Melbourne Language Centre and Hawthorn Melbourne English Language Centre. Alternatively, students can select undertake the English Language Program at Wantirna College. The international Student Coordinator will regularly visit the students from different language schools and closely monitor their English proficiency.

Orientation Program

Students who completed the 20-week Intensive English Language Program will be invited to Ringwood Secondary College for an Orientation Day. School Tours, class timetable, internet connection, locker allocation and the ordering processes for uniform list & book list will be provided to new incoming students. Over the first week of arrival at Ringwood Secondary College, new incoming students will be introduced to fellow students and staffs such as Sub-school Coordinators, school nurse, and the International Student Program Team.

After-School Study Club

  • Wednesday After-School Homework Catch-Up Club

Our school aims to provide ongoing academic support to students to ensure that they have a smooth transition from their previous study system to the Victoria Curriculum and requirements. We offer afterschool study clubs, allowing students to feel comfortable and supported to ask questions.

Child Safety Standards

Ringwood Secondary College actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to work together to protecting students from abuse, or harm in the school environment.

Ms Shirley Luong
International Student Coordinator
E: [email protected]
P: (03) 9870 2002
Mobile: +614 15 552 316
WeChat: RSC-International

For further information please visit the Victorian Government Schools International Students Program [email protected]

Ringwood Secondary College is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to