Student Device Program

The student 1:1 device program has been successfully implemented at Ringwood Secondary College since 2006 and plays a critical role in ensuring that our students have the right access to technology to meet their learning needs. Our 1:1 device program is reviewed annually to ensure the recommended devices meet the requirements of today’s learning environment.   

All devices (iPads and laptops) are configured to work with the school network and have access to school-supplied software. 

The College works with a recommended supplier and all devices purchased through the College’s recommended supplier will receive full support from our IT Services Department.   

Experience from previous years has shown that purchasing devices through preferred suppliers has allowed ease of access for the students and swift resolution of issues via IT Services. Maintenance, repairs and software updates on those devices can be managed by students, parents, carers directly with the supplier or they can be managed by the College. 

We recommend the use of the preferred college supplier for ease of repairs and the school’s ability to provide a more complete ICT support solution. This practice and approach have typically been supported by nearly 98% of our families due to this and the favourable pricing terms. 

If you have any questions in relation to the laptop program, then please contact: [email protected] 

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