College Council

The Ringwood Secondary College Council is responsible, within the framework of Victorian Government policy guidelines, for the education policies and plans of the school. Council’s responsibilities also include use of school buildings, employment of ancillary staff, and use of school funds.

The powers and duties of the School Council derive from the decision of the Minister for Education to give the school community of parents, teachers and students much of the authority and responsibility formerly in the hands of the state Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

While teachers retain responsibility for deciding how to implement the details of school policy, the College Council formulates policies on matters such as curriculum objectives, and defines the school’s aims and values. Council decides in broad terms the methods for implementing policies.

A close working relationship between Council, teaching and support staff assists in promoting collaborative decision making and solving problems.

The College Council is constituted by:

  • six parent representatives
  • four teacher representatives
  • the Principal
  • four other members co-opted for the special contributions they can make to the Council 

The Council meets at least 8 times per year. Standing sub-committees of the School Council include:

  • Resources
  • Education Policy and Development
  • Facilities