House System

Ringwood Secondary College is proud to provide an educational environment that ensures that all students are valued and cared for, feel they are part of the school, and can engage effectively in their learning and experience success. 

In 2016, the Student Representative Council and student cohort, played a key role in the creation and implementation of a new House System at Ringwood Secondary College. The House System is a way of organising students where they are expected to work together to achieve common goals and creates a sense of group identity, which is symbolised in a House name and logo. Involvement in leading House based activities challenges students to unite and collaborate in teams with students across year levels, provides younger students with role models to look up to in the older students and gives the older students an opportunity to mentor younger students. 
(Program design: A Multicultural House System for the International School of Luxembourg Scott Repicky, Michigan State University). 

The benefits for students include:

- A greater sense of community connection to peers and school.

- Improved leadership opportunities for students.

- The inclusion and encouragement of participation and achievement in a variety of activities that include (but are not exclusive to) academic, athletic, performing arts and non-academic/ athletic extracurricular activities.

- Promotion of student voice, responsibility, teamwork, leadership skills and cooperation.

Structure of the House System and awarding of points

Students and staff are divided amongst four Houses and will remain in these Houses until they graduate. The House System allows the school to monitor and support students in their academic, extra-curricular and personal needs with each Sub School (Junior, Middle and Senior) having a dedicated House Coordinator. 

Throughout the year, the four Houses compete against each other for points in: 

- Academic achievement

- Whole school carnivals

- Interschool sporting teams

- District Cross Country

- House based activities

- Performing Arts

- Wellbeing 

The Houses at Ringwood Secondary College are named after significant Australians in four categories - Art, Sport, Academia and Change Maker.

Please click on the Houses below to see their origins:

Frazer  (Ian Frazer)

Jackman  (Hugh Jackman)

Mabo  (Eddie Mabo)

Freeman  (Cathy Freeman)