Student Wellbeing


Students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy, therefore, student welfare is the responsibility of all staff working in a whole school context. Student learning cannot be separated from welfare.


Striving to help students at the college to learn effectively and to develop positive behaviours and attitudes are shared goals of teachers, student support services staff and parents. At Ringwood Secondary College we aim provide an environment which provides for each individual student to maximise their educational potential.


A Student Wellbeing website is being currently created where you will find all the resources and information you will need about our approach to wellbeing at Ringwood Secondary College.

It will be available to view shortly.








Students arriving at the college


Congratulations to our students from the VCE class of 2015 for obtaining such excellent results. It is most exciting to report that our College Dux for 2015, with an ATAR of 99.9, is Jiao Mei He,She is also the recipient of the prestigious Melbourne University Chancellors Scholarship. Additionally, Alan Gao 99.8, Cory Zhu 99.8 and Madeline Wright 99, also obtained outstanding ATARS. 9.1% of our students attained study scores above 40. Some other highlights were 14 students scoring above 95 and 31 above 90.Perfect study scores of 50 were awarded to Madeline Wright for History Revolutions, Zhi Bin Foo for EAL and Ellena Boyd for Health and Human Development.

Congratulations to the Ringwood Secondary College company of Oliver who have taken out the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria's award for best Junior Production of 2015. Such a great team effort. Special shout out too to Mrs Kate Tanner and Ms Gaynor Borlase who were the winners of best Choreography in a Junior Production.

Congratulations to Nathan Percy (Cross Country), Sophie Caldwell (Swimming) and Bianca Hansen (Athletics), all of whom are the recipients of the prestigious Victorian Schools Sporting Blues Awards for 2015. They will be presented with their awards in a glittering ceremony in March 2016. What a fantastic achievement! Bianca is also the Maroondah Leader Newspaper's Young Sports star of the year for her achievements in Athletics.