Student Wellbeing


Students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy, therefore, student welfare is the responsibility of all staff working in a whole school context. Student learning cannot be separated from welfare.


Striving to help students at the college to learn effectively and to develop positive behaviours and attitudes are shared goals of teachers, student support services staff and parents. At Ringwood Secondary College we aim provide an environment which provides for each individual student to maximise their educational potential.


The Framework for Student Support Services in Victorian Government Schools outlines the concepts of "continuity of care" and "partnerships between the school and the community" as the key to improving the services provided to students and their families. This model takes the form of primary prevention and early intervention as the most effective means of enhancing the resilience of young people. This is achieved by creating a sense of belonging, peer connectedness and positive social behaviours together with problem solving skills.


The thread between wellbeing and curriculum is monitored by implementing comprehensive curriculum and practice that engages all students.


Early intervention approaches include implementing appropriate support programs and provision of school based counselling. Our services extend to intervention by being sensitive to students’ feelings and needs, improving resilience, utilising specialist services where appropriate and restoring wellbeing.



A whole school approach FOR CREATING safe and supportive school Communities

Students arriving at the college


The last day of Term 1 is Friday April 4, with classes ending at 2.30pm. Term 2 commences for all students on Wednesday April 23, following the easter break and staff curriculum day. Bookings for Parent Student Teacher interviews on April 3 (12noon to 8pm) can be made through Compass from 24/3/2014.

Bookings are now open for this event. Please use the website link, located under Celebrating 60 Years, to purchase tickets for the dinner which will be held at the Karralyka Centre.

Join us for a cavalcade of performances across the ages that feature former students of the production in a one night only extravaganza - May 10, 7.30pm.